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Full Remote

  • UPK-12th grade students will not be in the school building
  • Remote learning Monday-Friday.  Teachers are in daily attendance unless deemed nonessential.
  • Student attendance must be taken daily. Once a day for UPK-6th and every period for grades 7-12. 
  • Learning platforms used district wide-Google Classroom and Zoom.
  • Teachers provide live instruction at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Buildings and grounds are closed to the community.
  • Meals available by pick up and possibly delivery. Work delivery only for students without internet access or recommended by a special education teacher or building principal. 
  • No school events or volunteers on premises.
  • No extracurriculars or athletics.
  • No 10th period at the Junior/Senior High School.
  • Teachers will use their normal planbook system and access to Google Classroom given to administrators. 
  • Staff in buildings:

               ○ Masks will be worn by teachers, staff, vendors, and contractors when within 6’ of someone else, in hallways,
                  in restrooms, and in congregate areas.  Employees will be provided a face mask should they need one. 
               ○ Hallways and stairways marked for traffic flow.
               ○ Multiple entrances and exits for staff.
               ○ No congregation for lunch or socialization.

  • If the school district is in session remotely, pupil transportation must be provided to nonpublic, parochial, private, charter schools or students whose Individualized Education Program have placed them out of the district whose schools are meeting in conducting in-person session education even when/if the district is not.