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Pure Olympian Performance

The Overall Program:
Addresses a variety of areas, Such as alcohol and drugs, tobacco, nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise that can help educate individuals to make positive choices in an effort to improve their athletic performance and  their lifestyle choices.

Code of Conduct: 
Encourage student/self accountability through a student's athletes specific Code of Conduct where athletes wishing to be part of the “Pure Olympian Performance” program will sign and agree to uphold the standards set for this program.

Your Responsibilities Include:
(1) Responsibilities to yourself, (2) Responsibility to your academic studies,
(3) Responsibilities to your school, (4) Responsibility to your community 
?(5) Responsibility to others, (6) Responsibility to younger athletes.

Captains Training Program:
Create a training program that would be mandatory for all captains prior to the
start of each season that would provide leadership training & present “Pure
Olympian Performance” program expectations for all captains. 

Zero Hour:
Offer a morning fitness program for athletes from 6:30 to 7:30 A.M. that provides an additional training program for those that wish to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

6th Grade Mentoring Program:
High school athletes have a one on one lunch meeting with a 6th grader to discuss athletic options available in 7th Grade.  In addition they will discuss topics relevant to the “Pure Olympian Performance," such as, nutrition, training,  and being drug and alcohol free.  Finally, you will encourage the younger students to make positive choices in all their future endeavors. 

Sports Trading Cards:
Initiate trading cards for seniors to have during senior night. also, offer trading cards for student athletes that are interested in working with the 6th grade cafeteria mentoring program and for student athletes that are recommended by coaches because they uphold the high standards associated with “Pure Olympian Performance”.

Offer Seasonal Sports Festivals to the Elementary School:

Fall: Soccer tournament, field hockey tournament and a mini cross country meet

Winter: Clinics for basketball, bowling, cheerleading, wrestling and indoor Track Relays.

Spring: Baseball and softball hitting contest, golf clinic, mini track & field meet.

"Promoting a culture that creates a high standard of character and healthy living."

A life of an athlete program

"Pure Olympian Performance"