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The Marathon Central School Athletic Hall of Fame was approved by the Board of Education in the Spring of 2007. The fourth inaugural inductions to take place in the Spring of 2011. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize the accomplishments of the inductees and develop pride in the rich athletic traditions of the district. The inductees shall exemplify Marathon’s commitment to academics, community, and athletic excellence and should foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history of Marathon Athletics for current student-athletes and the community at large.  In addition, the induction of these individuals will help motivate our current athletes to reach their potential and strive for excellence in each and every aspect of their athletic and academic pursuit. 


:  An athlete must have graduated from Marathon Central School a minimum of 10 years prior to nomination.  

Athlete's application.

Coach/Administration:  A coach or
administrator must have retired completely from the school district a minimum of 3 years prior to nomination. 

Coach's Application 
Administrator's Application

Contributor:  A contributor to the Marathon Athletic Program must have been away from the athletic program for a minimum of 3 years.

Contributor's Application

Posthumous:  A nomination received posthumously for any category may be given at any time.

Team:  Teams earning Sectionals Titles or higher will automatically enter the Hall of Fame after its Senior Class members have been graduated for 10 years.  Teams earning League or Divisional Titles will be elected into the Hall of Fame at the discretion of the Selection Committee after its Senior Class members have been graduated for 10 years.  There is not a nomination form for this category.

INITIAL FOUR YEAR  INAUGURAL INDUCTION PERIOD In an effort to recognize as many former athletes as practical, in an orderly manner during the initial five year period, the Selection Committee will accept and react to nominations using the following schedule.

Year            Primary Focus               Consideration
2008..............1960 & Prior...........1960’s, 70’s, & 80’s 2009..............1961-1970.............1970’s, 80’s, & 90’s 2010..............1971-1989...................1980’s, 90’s 2011..............1990-1995...................Previous Years 2012..............1996-2000............Up to the Class of 2002

NOTE:  The Marathon Central School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is making its fourth annual call for nominations.  Those interested in submitting applications for induction in 2011, are advised that the Committee's focus will be the recognition of athletes who graduated in 1995 and before.  This constitutes a change in focus, as interest in the program makes it unrealistic to expand the pool of possible candidates beyond 1995 at this time.  To date 34 persons have been honored with last year's inductees numbering thirteen.  

NOMINATING INDIVIDUALS An undertaking of this magnitude is obviously a difficult task, especially if preserving the rich traditions of the past is so vitally important.  Your participation in this process is an important step in helping to make sure that all deserving individuals will be considered by the selection committee.  



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