PSAT - The PSAT is strongly recommended for all students who are thinking about possibly taking the SAT college board exam. Students can take the exam at school during the month of October.  This is a good way for students to get an idea of a possible SAT score. In order to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship, students must take the PSAT exam as a junior. Pick up registration materials and sign up in the Guidance Office.  A fee waiver may be available for students who receive free or reduced lunch. Here is a link for dates and cost.

SAT - SAT registration materials can be picked up at the Guidance Office or students can register online. SAT review books can be borrowed from the Guidance Office.  Here are links for the dates and costs.  The link for "costs" also provides links for practice questions, study guides and online courses!  Please note that there are additional charges for late registration!   A fee waiver is also possible.

ACT - ACT registration materials can be picked up in the Guidance Office or students can register online. Students can borrow ACT review books from the Guidance Office.  Here are links for dates and costs.  Please note there is one fee for the basic ACT (No Writing) test and another for the ACT Plus Writing!  A fee waiver is also possible.

ASVAB - The ASVAB can be used as a tool to assess interests and skills which may be helpful for post-graduate planning. It may also be applicable for students considering the military as a post-graduate option. The test is offered free of charge to all students. Students can sign up in the Guidance Office.  Here are available links at Today's Military, and



The score on the final exam counts as 20% of the student's final average for that course. Additional information is in the "HS Student Handbook" under Quick Links.  AM exams begin at 8:15 and PM exams begin at noon. Exact dates/times will be posted in late May or early June on the school calendar.

Guidance Office

Deb James, Guidance Counselor, Grades 7-9          Jenny Camenga, Guidance Counselor, Grades 10-12

Tina Gallagher, Secretary, (607) 849-3229           Ashley Howe, Secretary, (607) 849-3229


1.   Many applications are now online. When you apply online let Ms. Camenga know so a high school transcript can be sent. If you apply using a paper application you must turn it in to the Guidance office to be sent out with a transcript.

2.   Many applications also ask for an essay or personal statement. This can be  something you write for the particular college to which you are  applying. It can be a piece of writing you completed in English class.  Some essays ask you to write about a particular topic; others are more  general. Speak to your English teacher or counselor for tips on how to write a good essay.

3.   Applications also ask for letters of recommendation. Ask now! Ask teachers, coaches, employers, the principal, and your guidance counselor for a  recommendation. Ask early so they have time to prepare a good  recommendation for you. Pick up recommendation forms in the Guidance  office.

4.   Check in the Guidance office to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver. 



If you are planning to participate in college athletics at a Division I or II level, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in your senior year.


The application deadline for early admissions decisions at most colleges  and universities is November 15. Students are encouraged to gather  materials and request recommendations well ahead of the deadline.

For other college applications, December 1st should be the mailing  deadline goal. Some colleges accept applications through graduation or  even as late as the summer. Students and parents are urged to check application deadline dates for specific colleges. However, please  inquire at the Guidance Office for application eligibility regardless of deadline dates. Information relative to application deadlines can be  found by selecting the admissions link for a specific college, in the  college catalog, or the guidance office can assist students and parents  in contacting a particular college. 

Important information for Seniors - Inquire with the Guidance Department for a comprehensive look at a timeline for senior activities, information on college applications, financial aid forms and options other than college. 



CHOICES - Are you looking for information about a certain job or career? Maybe you would like to find out how your interests and skills match up with possible jobs?  CHOICES is a computer program accessible at school that can help you find information about work possibilities and the necessary training and education. Talk to a guidance counselor if you would like more information or assistance in using the program.

Career Zone is maintained by the New York State Department of Labor and includes mini-assessments for career interests and options. You can also access a NYS Career Plan, which is a model of the Career Portfolio used by Marathon students starting in 8th grade.

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Scheduling for students currently in grades 9-11 will begin in January for the upcoming school year. Available courses and description books are available in the guidance office.  Requirements for 9th through 12th grades, as well as the current course description book, which contains a list of courses approved for TC3 dual college credit, can be found here.  For those students that sign up for for AP courses, here are the exam dates.

Students who are currently in grade 8 will receive a letter in January inviting them and their parents to meet and create a 4 year high school plan. Graduation and testing requirements will be discussed at this meeting, along with options for fulfilling those requirements.

Students who are currently in Grade 7 can make a choice about continuing with Chorus and/or Band in 8th grade in April. A letter describing  these options will be sent home.

In the spring, students in Grade 6 will receive information relative to music options for 7th grade.

1 Park St. Marathon, NY 13803

(607) 849-3251


Open Houses - College and university open houses are good times to visit along with other prospective students. Most Open Houses for seniors are in September or October and juniors can attend during March-May. Sometimes they even offer free application opportunities on the Open House dates. Open House dates for any college can usually be found on the school's web site or by linking to the admissions office directly.

Visitations - These are opportunities to see the college in more of a small group or individual basis. They are usually arranged by appointment with the admissions office, or a regular schedule is posted on the website.

College Representatives at High School - Admissions officers from various colleges regularly visit the high  school. This is a good opportunity to meet with someone to ask  preliminary questions and obtain catalogs or materials with more specific information about programs or admissions requirements.  Here are some questions to ask college admission representatives.



If you are looking for resources to study for the NYS Regents Exams, these are some good sites to check out:    

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