​A concussion is a reaction by the brain to a jolt or force that can be transmitted to the head by an impact or blow occurring anywhere on the body.  Essentially, a concussion results from the brain moving back and forth or twisting rapidly inside the skull. The symptoms of a concussion result from a temporary change in the brain’s function.  In most cases, the symptoms of a concussion generally resolve over a short period of time; however in some cases symptoms can last for weeks or longer.  In a small number of cases, or in cases of re-injury during the recovery phase, permanent brain injury is possible.  Children and adolescents are more susceptible to concussions and take longer than adults to fully recover.  Therefore, it is imperative that any student who is suspected of having sustained a concussion be immediately removed from athletic activity (e.g., recess, PE class, sports) and remain out of athletic activities until evaluated and cleared to return to athletic activity by a physician.



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