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Audrey Jasper

What is Board Docs?

Board Docs for Public is where the public can go to check out all board meetings and see the current agendas as well. 

This is a paperless system to help improve the transfer of board meeting information to the public.

Derek Hartman

Lucas Baker

Jason Trabucco

Charlie Forkey III

William Dougherty

Justin Lilley

Tiffany Hubbard

Board Schedule for 2022-2023 School Year

Start time is generally at 7:00 pm, location is in the Jr-Sr High School library.   To look at past meetings you can check that out by going to Board Docs for Public.  The newest calendar schedule is: 

July13h, Wednesday - Re-Organizational Meeting

August 10th, Wednesday -  Board Meeting at Appleby Cafe

August 24th, Wednesday -  Board Meeting

September 7th, Wednesday - Board Meeting

October 5th, Wednesday - Board Meeting

November 1st, Tuesday - Board Meeting

December 7th, Wednesday - Board Meeting

January 4th, Wednesday - Board Meeting

February 1st, Wednesday - Board Meeting

Public Forum  7:00 pm - Library

Regular Meeting - Directly following

March 1st, Wednesday - Board Meeting

March 15th, Wednesday - Board Retreat

March 29th, Wednesday - Board Meeting

April 17th, Monday - Board Meeting (Adopt Budget)

BOCES Statutory Budget Vote

(Preparation for Annual Meeting)

May 8th, Monday - Annual Budget Hearing 7:00 pm - Library

Meet the Candidates - Date to be determined if needed

May 16th, Tuesday - Annual Budget Vote

Board Meeting

June 21st, Wednesday - Board Meeting

June 25th, Sunday - Graduation

Budget planning meetings are scheduled by district.  The purpose of these meetings are to allow for input from the public, as well as providing the public with information throughout the budget process.  We encourage and welcome district residents to attend.

Board Goals

Embrace: To be involved with the school community by supporting district events and functions.​
Educate: To support the Marathon School Community to be champions in creating a positive learning environment.

Empower: To continue professional development through media, educational journals or workshops and share with the board members.

Board of Education


Justin Lilley, President 

Lucas Baker - Vice President
Jason Trabucco
William Dougherty
 Charlie Forkey III
​Tiffany Hubbard
​Derek Hartman

Audrey Jasper - student member