Communication and Engagement Plan

  • Stakeholders will be involved in the implementation of the Marathon 2021-2022 Reopening Plan. This includes Administration, Faculty, Staff, Parents/Guardians, Community Members, BOE members, Cortland County Health Department, Family Health Network and district unions (MAA, MTA, MESA).

  • The District will share information including instructions on protocols necessary for classroom participation and bus ridership during COVID-19 through multiple mediums: mail, ParentSquare, email, social media, Remind App, and district website prior to the beginning of school.  Messaging about proper COVID-19 protocols will continue throughout the year until it is no longer deemed necessary by the Department of Health. 

  • Schools will display clear signage indicating protocols, safety measures, and appropriate movements throughout spaces to ensure social distancing. 

  • Students and staff will be trained in COVID-19 safety protocols including hand hygiene, proper face covering wearing, social distancing and respiratory hygiene.

  • Communications will outline CDC and DOH recommendations for the use of PPE (specifically face coverings) and their use when social distancing can not be maintained.

  • Reopening plans will be provided in the dominant languages spoken by the school community (English) and will be translated for other languages when needed.

  • Reopening plans will be accessible to those with visual and/hearing impairments. 

  • School lunch information will be communicated to parents.  Breakfast and lunch will continue to be free for all students.

  • The district has created “how to” videos for parents to help them better understand how to use SchoolTool, Google Classroom, and Zoom. 

  • All Junior/Senior High School students will be expected to to check their email daily as well as Google Classroom.

  • It will be important that parents check in with students regularly.

  • Concerns regarding COVID-19 should be addressed to the building principal or the COVID-19 Coordinator, Ms. Hoyt (607-849-1228).



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