Child Nutrition

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided to any student in the district free of charge under the Marathon Community Eligibility program. 

  • All health and safety guidelines and compliance with Child Nutrition Program requirements will be met. 

  • Site supervisor will have weekly check-in meetings with staff to make adjustments to the meal service plan.  All applicable health and safety guidelines will be followed.

  • Students will wash their hands or use provided hand sanitiser prior to food consumption.  Students will be taught how to wash hands via CDC guidance.  

  • Students using touch pads or handling money will be asked to use hand sanitizer immediately following the transaction. Hand sanitizer will be available at every register.

  • A La Carte items will be available for sale in the cafeteria only at Junior/Senior High School.  Vending machines will not be used.

  • Students will be discouraged from sharing food.

  • Lunch tables will be cleaned between student groups to avoid transmission of COVID-19.

  • In order to ensure social distancing, students will sit at least 3 ft apart from one another during meal consumption. 

  • Lunch- meals will be consumed in the cafeteria.  

  • Masks are to be worn in and out of the cafeteria.  Masks will be removed while eating.

  • Sharing of meals will be discouraged and the share table will be removed.  Self-service refrigerators and buffets for food and condiments will be suspended. 

  • Movement within the cafeteria will be minimized.

  • Non-cafeteria staff will be excluded from certain areas, including the kitchen/food prep area.

  • The school nurse will distribute an allergy list to the cafeteria staff/teachers depending on the building at the beginning of the year. Students with food allergies will have special accommodations to avoid food contamination and/or physical contact with allergen.



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