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What is a team captain?

The Privilege

Being a team captain is more than just a title; it's a privilege. Those athletes who rise above will be granted the honor to serve and lead as TEAM CAPTAINS!

The Expectations

1. A person who is commitment to the team, peers, coaches, school and community. 

2. Have high expectations and values both on and off the  playing field.
3. Someone who can put others, especially the team, before themselves. 
4. Lead and motivate the team with equity and fairness.

5. Communicate between players and coaches the ideas, suggestions, and concerns of the whole team.

6. An individual who is dependable, enthusiastic, positive, and has a PASSION for the sport and the team.
7. Be able to understand how to win and lose with class.
8. Strive for excellence and lift others to reach their full potential both as an athlete and a person.
9. Undoubtedly uphold ALL rules and regulations of the coach, the school and the code of the "Pure Olympian Performance".

10. Model everyday by giving a 100% in all aspects of yourself.