Pure Olympian Performance 

 Dodgeball Tournament 

Friday, November 16th @7:00pm

Open to students grades 4-12, Coaches, Faculty, and Community members

Teams of 5

$15 per Team($3 per person)

Entry forms must be turned into Mr. James by Thursday, March 9th in order to participate

Bufferfly Release Program.pdf

Class of 2019
 Immediately Following Graduation
 Marathon Village Green
June 23, 2019

The release program is being provided to allow parents, family, and friends the opportunity to recognize the hard work of any individual graduating senior.  You will have the opportunity to recognize, through words, your support for a graduate by having your personalized message printed in a Commemorative Butterfly Release Ceremony Program.  In addition, a video of the event will be available to download for all participants who purchased a butterfly. More info.

"May the wings of the butterfly soar the world free, recognize your current successes, and provide you the opportunity to spread your wings to a life that brings you health, happiness and success, today, tomorrow and beyond” Anonymous"


Brochure & Application 

Current Recipient

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Mr. Bryan Hoyt-Captain’s Program Leader - Ms. Kathleen Hoyt-Captain’s Program Leader - Mrs. Gretchen Jewiss-Mentor’s Program Leader - Mrs. Deborah James-Mentor’s Program Leader, WWFF&V Provider - Mrs. Nancy Harringer-Wellness Wednesday & Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Friday Program Leader (WWFFV) - Mr. Adam Dennison-Poster Program Leader & WWFF&V Provider- Mr. Dewitt Grover-Zero Hour Chaperone - Mr. John Lawrence-Zero Hour Chaperone - Mr. Jherrett Maroney-“POP” Star of the Month Program Leader - Mr. Michael Stone-Athlete Trading Card Developer - Ms. Tammy Anderson-“POP” Program Intern - Mr. Francis Zaryski-Brown Bag Sandwich Program Coordinator - Ms. Meghan McEvoy-WWFF&V Provider - Mr. Rosanne & James Holland-WWFF&V Provider - Ms. Michelle Sweeney- WWFF&V Provider - Mrs. Sandi Jennison- WWFF&V Provider - Mrs. Rebecca Stone- WWFF&V Provider -

Zero Hour

Become a better athlete. Participate in Zero Hour Training Program from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM in the HS Fitness Center.

Every Monday and Thursday

For more information, contact Matthew Barry

Captains Corner

"Pure Olympian Performance" (POP)" Program addresses a variety of areas, such as Alcohol and Drugs, Tobacco, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and Exercise that can help educate individuals to make positive choices in a effort to improve their athletic performance and their lifestyle choices. 

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Visit www.NFHS.org & register for the Online Captains Training program.

Once you earn your certification please turn it into Mr. James for POP Recognition.

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Pure Olympian Performance

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