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Message from the Superintendent - December 2019

Dear Community Parents and Members,

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to take this time to thank our parents and community members for all they do to support our school district.  We have had many exciting events occur over the past few months and the community support has been overwhelming.  When a reporter commented to me at the boy’s state soccer championship that it looked like the whole town had come out to support the team, I had to agree. I am so proud of our students and all they accomplish each and every day and of the people who support them.  This is a great community to live in.

Strategic Plan Update: Over the past 12 weeks, our district has focused on our strategic plan in many ways.  At the Junior/Senior High School, one of our student leadership teams is creating a welcoming environment for students by designing the schools first annual “Battle of the Classes”.  This will be a fun event and is detailed in an article found in this Torchlight edition. 

At Appleby, a list of important life skills by grade level has been developed.  Each month students will be learning skills such as: 1) using appropriate ways to express what they are feeling and how to communicate those feelings, 2) how to eat healthy and the importance of physical and mental health, and 3) personal safety (wearing a helmet while riding a bike, using sunscreen, water safety etc.).

In both buildings, all classes are goal setting with students.  Each student is being asked to create a goal, provide action steps for accomplishing their goals, doing those actions and then completing a self-evaluation.  If they did not reach their goal, students are re-aiming and setting new goals.  This is an opportunity to understand why something did not work and make changes.

Capital Project Update: Our project will be going out to bid on December 12th.  Once bids are in, if they are within the amount approved by the voters, the bids will go to the Board of Education for their approval.  If all goes well, we will start construction during February break.  A full recap of the project will be highlighted in the next Torchlight.

Junior/Senior High School Principal Search: During the month of December, the district will advertise for the position of Marathon Junior/Senior High School Principal.  Interviews will begin during the first few weeks of January. A community forum will be held to meet the top candidates once they are selected. Information will be sent home via email, Facebook and a K-12 alert to announce the date and time of the forum. Mr. Carboine, our interim principal, will remain as our acting principal until a newly appointed principal begins his or her position.

Winter weather has kicked into full swing.  As a reminder, the district uses several radio and TV stations as well as our website and Facebook to alert parents of delays and snow days.  We continue to use the K12 Alert system which calls parents based on phone numbers in our student management system. When you see a call from the school early in the morning, please make sure you say “hello” or give some other vocal response when you answer the call.  This will activate the message from K12 Alerts. In most cases, calls will be made before 6 AM. If you find that you have not been notified of a closure or dismissal, contact Sue Light at the elementary (849-3281) or Tina Gallagher at the high school (849-3229) to add in correct contact information to our student management system. K12 Alerts is updated daily to make sure we have the most current information.

As always, if you have any concerns that could not be addressed by speaking with your child’s teacher or the building principal, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. 

Rebecca Stone – Marathon Superintendent

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